Monday, April 11, 2005


it's TOBA not yellowstone !

while last nites tv movie SUPERVOLCANO accurately depicted the events surrounding a supervolcano it distracted from the REAL DANGER. TOBA!!! was the last supervolcano to erupt. The island of SUMATRA is literally a supervolcano called TOBA. the recent 9.7 quake/ tsunami was the start of CONTINUEOUS large quake activity. is it mimmicking it's previous eruption ?
can you find TOBA on this world quake graphic ?
If it follows it's pattern we can expect the following over a several month period.
continued large quake activity
TOBA re-awakening ( smoke showing)
small eruptions of TOBA's vents such as TALANG which is where the quakes are clustered around.,2763,1459037,00.html#article_continue
increasing in scale to a large eruption on the scale of mt. st. helens to a TAMBORA
or KRAKATAU size.
period of relative inactivity
large quake
super eruption.

i have been trying to sound the alert about TOBA for several months. i started this blog hoping to attract attention to the danger of this SUPERVOLCANO !! which is located at the end of a chain of volcanoes that were responsible for 5 of the seven largest volcanoes in historic times. the entire chain of volcanoes may be coming unzipped. . so at least from a historical perspective, the Indonesian region appears ripe for the earth’s next supervolcano episode.
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